Our Aims :
Having Vast experience in educational field, We observed that most of the school going children, especially in rural areas are not upto the mark in educationa due to ill health. The ill health is one of the main reason for slow learning. They are suffering from Skin Diseases, Poor eyesight, Headache, Ear diseases, Dental diseases, Injuries and so many unhealthy probles. The main reason for their ill health is lack of nutrition food. To eradicate these problems, we spandinche Hrudayam Charitable trust decide to supply nutrition food in order to get good health. You know , health is wealth. A healthy body spirits up healthy mind. Not only supplying Nutrition food, wear conducting free medical camps to those primary school children.
The Nutrition food gives them resistance power from ill health in order to get mental are physical development.
Our Activities :
1. Free Supply of Nutrtion Food like Sprouts, Fruits, Dates, Carrot, Milk etc.
2. Free Medical Camps.
3. Conducting talent tests for school final student and awarding prizes.
4. Conducting free coaching for entrance test like Polytechnic, Natural Means and Merit ( NMMS ) Scholarship test etc...... Summer Coaching camps.
5. Plantation to improve ecological situation.
6. Eradication of drinking habit.
7. Exhibits C.D's through projector to indicate moral values, ocial Values, to eradicate Social Evils, to educate in hygenic and health conditions to learn circullar activities.
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